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August 23, 2019 Deck Design

Aluminum Handrail Ideas

Aluminum handrail can be added to most stairs as a way to provide support and stability when climbing a staircase. The rails are a requirement for many building standards and should be installed at a certain height. Stair rails are available in several stylish and functional designs including straight rails, buckle rails, return rails, quartz turn rails and 45-degree bevel rails. Aluminum rails are usually installed on interior stairs because they are durable and can be dyed or painted.

Small Aluminum Handrail

Small Aluminum Handrail


12 Inspiration Gallery from Aluminum Handrail Ideas

Image of: Small Aluminum Handrail
Image of: Brown Aluminum Handrail
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Wide
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Stair
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Simple
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Patio
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Outdoor
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Kit
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Indoor
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Fencing
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Design
Image of: Aluminum Handrail Coastal


Measure the length of your stairway beginning at Kant according to top landing and stay at the bottom of the aluminum handrail. Use this measurement to determine the length of the stairs. Choose a wooden stair course that meets your needs. This Old House and Popular Mechanics both recommend that you use a bar of aluminum. Place a 4-foot level on the lowest step, holding it against the wall. Use a pen to mark at the level where the level meets the second stage. Calculate the height of the staircase rod and brackets, and use a pen to mark the bracket height at the level.

Place the level of the lowest step. Use the markings you made at the level of a guide, use a pen to mark the bracket height on the wall. Repeat this process on top of the aluminum handrail as well. Snap a chalk line to connect the markings on the top and bottom of the stairs. Select the wall controls at the bottom, middle and top of the staircase with an electronic control detector.

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